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Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl

Girl meets guy, girl falls in love with guy, but guy does not seem to want to commit. This sounds like a situation almost every woman has found herself immersed in many a time, but there is a way to stop this horrible cycle from repeating itself.

A 28 year old woman called Natalie Lue had spent TEN years of her life committing to emotionally unavailable men and finally reached her peak at the age of 28. Ridden with a life threatening disease, Natalie realized her wrongs first internally and then evaluated her law of attraction and what she really defined as a meaningful relationship. Soon after, she met a lovely AVAILABLE man who she is now married to and has two kids with.

Reviewing books is something I do not do on Fashion, Love and Life. As some of you may or may not know, the past two months have not been easy. No-one should have to deal with unemployment and a break up within weeks of each other, but this has happened and I am taking back control of my life, my decisions and really trying to get to the core of why I make the decisions I do. Fortunately, I have been able to occupy myself with a part time job and a stint assisting a PR consultant, so I have no time to visit a professional.

I then went looking around on Facebook and came across Natalie's Baggage Reclaim Facebook page and then scrolled further and saw she had written a book. I decided to purchase it and really find out what lies underneath my life story, which includes my past and present and whether this impacts on the people I chose to have relationships with.

I have been in relationships with emotionally unavailable men for five years now.

One guy wanted something casual. I went along.

Another guy didn't want to be in a relationship and knowing this, I set myself a mission to accomplish. Mission failed (by the way).

The other guy was just plain emotionally unavailable ( a situation I took 4 months to remove myself from).

And most recently I was in a relationship with a guy who has no intention of living in this country ever (England), so he was sweetening me up for the ride and I was on a commitment prone roller-coaster even though it had been discussed. I should have known better and removed myself from the situation. 15 months later I am free and instead of crying for him, I am crying for me.

I cannot believe I have allowed my life situations to impact on the people I am attracted to. I have a voice. I have a life. I am my own person and should feel totally comfortable in that. Chapters in the book even look to family life and how the relationships we have with our parents can affect the kind of partners we chose/choose.

The term Ms Unavailable is also used referring to women who are committing to not committing. Not by fault, but by choice.
By the time I had read two chapters of this book, I had all my relationship attachment issues in a nutshell.

I would definitely recommend this book to any woman who seems to be going from relationship to relationship with no
results. It's a must read. It's definitely making my train journey every day worthwhile.
This book has changed my life and has definitely given me the strength to want a mutual, healthy and fulfilling
relationship with a great guy. I think during heartbreak many people lose face, but never do. Learn from those
mistakes and do your best to keep it moving. Life goes on.

Love and Light,
Mr Unavailable and The Fallback Girl is available to buy at www.amazon.co.uk and from www.baggagereclaim.co.uk.

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